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You can achieve the look and feel of a real lawn without the hassle of maintaining it. Artificial grass has evolved after many years of development into an incredibly versatile and realistic looking product. 
Tested to BS 4790 (2003), with low radius of effect of ignition and Fire Retardant. Can be cut to 0.5Lm lenghts. Full installation service includes the removal and disposal of the old lawn. Extra ground works possible upon request.
Telephone hot line for our customers to explain how to install yourself simply and Perfect for sports and play areas. 

What is Artificial Grass

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Benefits and Features

  • Looks great all seasons
  • No more mowing
  • No watering/feeding
  • High UV resistance
  • No more muddy feet or paws
  • Children friendly
  • Pet friendly
  • Ideal for asthma, eczema, hayfever sufferers
  • Relatively no maintenance or upkeep

With continued drought problems and hose pipe bans A1 Artificial Grass is seen as a natural and cost effective solution.
Not only are schools seeing the benefit of safer outside playing surfaces but they appreciate the reduced chance to injury and Health & Safety claims, due to the Shock Pads option fitted underneath the artificial grass.

A hard wearing product which can withstand high amounts of wear and tear.  Suitable for any outdoor space and a great solution for brightening up smaller areas like balconies or shady areas such as under trees.
Most people choose artificial grass because they have busy lives and like the practicality and low maintenance.  With artificial grass you spend less time working on your garden and more time enjoying it.
It can be cut and fitted to the contours and shape of your garden. Its fully porous like real grass.  It looks so convincing that your neighbours will have no idea your grass is not real.  
Our artificial grass is super tough.  It withstands all life can throw at it. Kids and pets can play on it till their hearts content.  The weather can do what it wants.  Whatever the conditions, an artificial lawn maintains its resilience and good looks throughout all seasons.
Artificial grass asks for nothing in return. No need to feed it or edge cut it. No more grass clippings to dispose of. No more watering in droughts. Artificial grass helps you and helps the environment.
We have researched our imported artificial grass to ensure that tests and development procedures are arguably the best value for money for artificial grass products in the UK today.
Our ranges are suitable for both domestic and commercial projects. It is suitable for lawns, patios, balconies, swimming pool surrounds, children's play areas, roof terraces, restaurants, hotels.  The list is endless and more and more people are coming up with novel ideas.
Artificial grass is versatile enough to be laid on just about any surface.  It can be laid on soil, turf, concrete, tarmac, paving, decking etc.  It copes well with sloping areas.  It can follow the undulations and contours of children's play tunnels etc.  
It drains like real grass as it is fully porous. Artificial grass's porosity is to BS 7044.
It is environmentally friendly as it does not need to be watered.  Even in prolonged droughts it will stay Green and lush looking.  It will not fade as it has a high UV resistance.  No more weeding either.  It will retain its colour and integrity season after season.

How to Install

A1 Artificial Grass removes the existing lawn to a depth of 70mm.  We then install around the perimeter of the new lawn area 2" x 2" tantalised timber staked at 1.00 meter intervals.  
We then infill this area with type 1 limestone aggregate to a depth of 50mm and compact firmly using a whacker plate.  We then put 20mm of sharpe sand over the aggregate and again firmly whack down using a whacker plate.  We then fix to the timber frame a road standard heavy contract rated weed membrane.  
We then supply and fit to the timber frame the A1 Artificial Grass chosen by the customer.

Children and Artificial Grass

The reason artificial grass is most suited to kids and pets is because they can play outside all year round without the problem of turning the lawn into mud and bringing it into the home.
All A1 artificial grass ranges can easily cope with the rigours of normal domestic pets. Dog and other animal mess does not effect the grass and can easily be cleaned away with water and a mild detergent.
Children will love it. A1 Artificial grass looks and feels like real grass so they can play outside all the year round. So parents and kids benefit! Say good bye to mud. It is soft won't skin your knees and is suitable all year round.

What is Artificial Grass


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